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If you use our website, we place cookies. To guarantee your privacy, on this page we explain which cookies we use, why we do this and we also explain how you can delete them.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that your computer, tablet or telephone stores when you use our website. We or third parties place these cookies to ensure that our website functions properly.

What types of cookies do we place?
Cookies can roughly be divided into three categories: functional cookies (these ensure that our website functions optimally), analytical cookies (these collect information about how we can improve our website for you) and advertising cookies (which ensure that we can offer you relevant offers).

Is this necessary now?
Yes and no. Not all cookies are necessary for a website to function properly. But we make you a promise, we do not place cookies to harm you and certainly not to violate your privacy. We post these purely to improve your experience and keep our ads relevant.

Delete cookies?
As smart as cookies are, you are still in control of your own computer. So you can simply delete them from your computer or phone. Keep in mind that the removal on some websites means that you have to log in again or that you sometimes have to reset something on other sites.